By Dr Art Lynch


How are your conversation skills? Think of conversation as playing catch with a ball. The ball is your question. They ask you a question and you answer it and then you ask them a question and listen to their answer. Tossing questions back and forth keep a conversation going and enables you to find the things you have in common.

What makes this work is that when someone asks you a question, you not only answer it, you elaborate a bit on it. Be direct but make it interesting. This is your time to share a part of yourself. The art conversation is telling people a little less than they want to know. Do not ramble. Be courteous with you response but if you feel yourself getting on a roll and monopolizing the conversation. Remember, don’t ‘hog’ the ball. Ask a question back, tossing the ball in their court. Then listen to their answer.

If you feel you are not a great talker, remember by tossing the ball in their court with a question, you can still make a home run by being a great listener.

Today, be aware of your conversation skills and get out there and Play Ball!