Make Flyover Country Hollywood, USA

By Dr Art Lynch


A low resolution version of the cover from the March 29, 1976 issue of The New Yorker, by Saul Steinberg

Flyover Country (anywhere but LA and NYC) is not run-away production, not a wasteland, not one big blob...we are made up of diverse locals of SAG-AFTRA, diverse markets, diverse cities and towns where acting is an art, a craft, a talent, a source of community pride, of education, of enjoyment, and the ways we make money, operate and even the laws and regulations we operate under are as different as the fifty states, our US Territories and out Protectorates.

LA people and even the national central offices, tend to paint us with the same brush.

We are not just location markets for large budget films from LA.

We have out own crafts people and industry professionals who depend on earning a living with their talents and skills. Who must make compromises, sacrifices and accept what may not be acceptable in LA or NYC to stay afloat and continue to do what we love.

Accept this.

And accept that when you try to make it all the same everwhere, a large number of your brothers and sisters outside of LA and NYC suffer.

Allow us to work, earn livings (or part of our living), to create art, to inform, to contribute to our communities and our nation.

Open your mind and stop crying "run-a-way" filled with hate and resentment.

Start building local professional union production.

Start supporting local teachers, coaches, agents, casting companies and the SAG-AFTRA local in which you live.

Build a local market, for youself.

Build a local market, one actor, one employer at a time.

Be prepared and professional.

Be as ready as you can to work with and as well as the top working actors in LA, NYC, London and other markets.

Know how to audition.

We are here and we need the opportunities and understanding as well.

So do companies that we rely on.

Agents, managers, casting companies, caterers, equipment suppliers...they all have to function within the market where they live to keep their door open or their families fed.

We need them as well.

Support local production in every market, including LA and NYC.

-Art Lynch