Movies are not free...We deserve a living

By Dr Art Lynch


Leaks and Piracy are costing Hollywood, and the talent (actors, writers, directors, producers and anyone with back end income) billions of dollars in lost income and audience.

It has ruined plans of sequels, the ability to negotiate with talent, the amount that can be spent on marketing, the length of run on movie screens and future of the film or franchise.

We hear of films, but the most pirated are television shows shown in one market but pirated in others, or stolen from inside the system (computers as well as human labor) and pirated right after the first episode or airing is a success (entire season when show creates the demand with one or two airings).

Working actors, working individuals are harmed more than the big studios. Films and TV cost so much not because of the 'greedy big man' but because every element or production, distribution and promotion cost increasingly more each year. When you pirate, you are stealing from the little buy who relies on residual checks or from the next movie or tv show you will never see because the risk becomes to the high against cost of production.

And for self-preservation, on-line pirated films often carry viruses, spyware, malware and worms and other ways to mess with your computer. Do no pirate, watch pirate or pay money to pirates.

You are robbing me and every low to middle income actor or creative person in the industry, quite literally.

We are the ones who suffer a serious loss of income.