Open your mind and make a few decisions.

By Dr Art Lynch


Listen, learn, do...You do the work and you will succeed.

Community members and professionals gain by experiencing the world of acting and the skills a fun hobby or profession provides...

Actors who chase fun, chase promises of contacts or an instructors resume are doing it for the wrong reason.

What you should be doing is preparing yourself for successful auditions. You are already better than many actors in LA or NYC. What you lack is experience, direction and frequency of auditions to hone your skills and have a competitive edge. You may have ares to work on that other actors have already studied or been doing since they were 'knee high to a grasshopper." No fear, it is never too late to start or to "dust off the props and sawdust", or sink your teeth into what you love!

When in this town have you seen a professional acting coach at an audition or on set? These are a regular part of the mainstream industry for a reason. My associate Scott Rodger has done it for Sony and others in LA, for Grimm and the Last Boat, for The Librarians and BayWatch. Coaching is a very special skill to get the best out of an actor, regardless of the skill set or special attributes they bring to the role.

At Lynch Coaching we coach, in small groups and privates, coast to coast with a base in Las Vegas.

There are many "working actors" who have moved to Las Vegas and stars who live here, but only a few offer classes, and they compete saying they are the only or better or using credits in TV shows or films.

They all have something to offer. They all have talent and experience to share. But do they all coach.

Do they take you from where you are and help you build, with the time needed for investment, in growing as an individual and as talent?

Here are 26 things you should know about how
Lynch Coaching is different...

1. We are not in it to just keep busy or make extra bucks.
2. We keep classes, coaching and the focus small
3. We serve both those interested in acting
4. And those who want to advance in their careers
5. We also provide a full industry approach
6. We encourage work in the trade and
7. Refer to other instructors, services and sources
8. We also provide professional communication
9. Public speaking and
10. Life Coaching as other services (outside acting class)
11. We also have a Social worker (MSW/LCSW)
12. A professional at business and government in DC
13. Associates coast to coast and in two other countries
14. A need to serve
15. Open to your talents, ideas and dreams
16. Over 30 years LosAngeles, Las Vegas, DC, Chicago, California, Oregon, Wyoming, Guam and Hawaii
17.e are a full service acting / communication consultant and service company
18. We are working on and will build services to meet your needs, in other areas of the industry and life
18. A non-profit in the process of forming
19. We are here for the whole community
20 It is about you and not "I", "me", "us" or "we"
21. We work with what you have and help your build upon it.
22. We want you to succeed
23. We want you to use your talents in life as well as on stage
24. We are here for you.
25. Not your ordinary acting class!

Lynch Coaching
Art Lynch Acting Studios