What's your area code? Does it matter anymore?

By Dr Art Lynch


Area codes may soon be a thing of the past. 212 for mainstream Manhattan, 213 for LA, 312 for Chicago, 702 for Nevada are all worth their weight in gold and you no longer have to live in the areas. Phone numbers for someone living in Las Vegas may have an LA, Florida, Chicago, Phoenix or Podunk area code they brought with them or purchased for one reason or another.

We are also running out of 800 numbers, so a long list of toll free numbers and pay per call numbers have been added.
In come areas, like Las Vegas, having to dial the ten digit number, including area code (but without the 1) to make a local call.

There are up to 8 million phone numbers in an area code. But with computers, cell phones, pads, watches, security systems and so on phone numbers are being eaten up fast.

The FCC, which governs phone numbers (not the phone company) is considering doing away with geographic phone numbers. Digital technology switching have made the "routing numbers" obsolete. In the not too distant future we may have a number for life, or be able to change to new series of numbers, which tell no one where you come from or are calling from.

What are do you think?