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Art Lynch, MA, PhD

Dr. Lynch has decades of experience in many key communication fields. He is a Chicago born educator and actor, with a background in broadcast journalism, advertising and public relations. He has as passion for teaching and helping others. He is active on corporate boards and in his community. As a college professor and consultant, Dr. Lynch has decades of experience coaching and helping others to excel.

Laura Lynch, MSW, LCSW

Laura has a background in media as an award winning copywriter and creative consultant. For the past fourteen years Laura has worked as a  therapist and social worker, helping people recover and strengthening communities. Her BA is in Communications, with a Masters in Social Work. Her work focuses  on acceptance, values, mindfulness and meditation. Storytelling and art are also used as ways to recover and gain a measure of peace. Laura has also worked as resume and career consultant.   

Lt Col Robert F Cain III, 

Robert has worked in public affairs for government organizations for 28 years. He has developed and taught public affairs online and seminar courses. As a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army he has traveled the world setting up and operating Joint Information Bureaus to facilitate the news gathering of national and international media on major military operations. At the Pentagon he led teams to create and implement senior leader communication initiatives for medical, financial, and perception making campaigns to internal and external audiences. Cain is currently a Public Affairs Director for the Veterans Administration. He and Dr. Art Lynch have been friends since the 6th Grade.

Scott Rogers

One of the most experienced On-Camera Acting Coaches in the country, Scott has been hired to coach actors, on the sets of major motion pictures and national television shows for literally thousands of hours. His clients can be seen on TV, in movies and on Broadway daily. Now, via Skype, he can be your personal, private acting coach too! Scott Rogers has an uncanny ability to recognize an actors strengths and help them make the most of those strengths in their career" Sheila Guthrie, Former V.P. of Talent for Paramount Studios Casting Executive/Casting Director of: "Becker" - "Frasier" - "Cheers" - "JAG" - "NCIS" - "Numb3rs" - "Wings" - and more than 30 more TV Series'. Lynch serves on the National Board of SAG-AFTRA and has seen Scott's results at SRS coaching and classes in business as well as for actors.

Don Brakeman

Don is an actor, acting coach and experienced business professional. He prefers to understate his experience, which is measured in decades and includes a real sense of honor, duty and respect for others, along with a dedication to his craft and to helping others. He coaches actors at several schools and programs, and is an active member of a Shakespeare troupe. With experience from Nebraska to Wyoming, rural to urban California and Nevada, Don has studied his craft with top acting coaches in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Nevada. A SAG member since 1960, his career began in television westerns and branched out into theater, marketing, parking cars and bar-tending (the last two being signs of a true professional actor. He was vice president of entertainment services for two companies, supervising employees in areas from food and beverage to valet and customer service. Brakeman and both Lynch's have been good friends and fellow artists for over three and a half decades.

James Campbell

James Campbell is a freelance designer with a B.A. of Fine Arts from OTIS College of Art and Design, Los Angeles. In his six years with Mattel James was active in the Hot Wheels design department and latter on the action figure design. Several toys where based on his hand drawings, Adobe illustration, sculptures, and rapid prototyping designs have been sold in stores across the United States and Canada. Laura and Art have been close friends and associates with James for over a decade, as fellow voice artist and dreamers.

Ed Luckett

Ed received his BS degree from the US Military Academy at West Point, his MDiv degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and an MA in education from Claremont Graduate University. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister of more than 30 years and retired as an Air Force lieutenant colonel after a distinguished career as a military chaplain. It has been 17 years since Ed recruited Art to teach college.  



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