Communication is an interaction that leads to a transaction of ideas, intents, information, emotion or reasoned actions.

There are other definitions.

Smiles, eye contact, gestures, stance, just about everything other can see, smell or sense about you communicate messages, in millions of subtle ways.

When other pick up on the signal and react (or even choose not to react) we have a communication transaction.


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When someone wins a TV contest, or shows up as a new discovery in their first film or TV show, do not believe the hype.

Find out how much they studied, for how many years and where. Find out what else they have done or been in.


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People helping people.

Looking for others to help build our business.

All core business expertise needed.


Marketing and Sales.

Followup with students on their needs

Photograply and video production

and more

No paid work on commission, trade or future stake as we build.

It's about being a part of something needed that can and

will grow in all of the areas offered already by Lynch Coaching.

In business for 4 years a loss service helping others.

Time for all of us to make money!

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Go as deep into your character as time permits.

Do not spend time on any unnecessary pursuits once you have a side in your hand.

See if you can read the "book" (full script), bread down and memorize the side....everything in it, not just your lines.

Break down and build a character, starting with yourself growing outward (it may turn out by the time you are done there is nothing "you" in the character, and that is fine if it fits the character).

The more complete and real the character the less it will be like everyone else and the more you will be seen as a true actor. Of course always be open to and take direction as well (usually minor adjustments).


by Art Lynch

(based on interviews, YouTube videos and experience)

The Reel:
List if you are union, never put SAG-e or non-union (better left blank)
Union means professional in the industry.
Must look like exceptionally professional
Not needed to be cast
But it is an expected tool if you are ready to work the industry
2 to 3 minutes in length, can go to 5 if you have lots of “real” or quality to showcase
Beginning or less experienced actors stay on the short side.
Short and sweet
Clips 10 to 45 seconds, 20 is optimal

Shortest reels are for casting where time is money and they want to ma...

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Universal integrated critical thinking involves being open to how things tie together, how they inter-relate, how we are dependent on each other, and how life is not in tight little boxes or between the lines.

Recently I was told that media news and theater do not belong on a communication blog. When I pushed, and listened, I found out the person criticizing me, who has solid communication academic credentials, thought that communication was limited to what is in communication textbooks. Apparently media, although taught in those textbooks, is not communication, and the interaction of playwright, crew, cast, audience, art and society are also not communication.

Communication is an interaction that leads to a transaction of ideas, intents,...

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Lots of negative out there.

Get out of your rut and look at the positive side, or you will drag yourself under without even trying to swim. Life is good. I have volunteered with homeless and worked with a billionaire, and both have the same wants, dreams and priorities. The difference is scale. Family, faith, survival and doing what you can to enjoy life.

What is more enjoyable then acting?

We have a blessed life, even if we "fail" in the eyes of those who do know any better.In Nevada we do need to take the industry seriously and enjoy making it work for us and the industry. If you do not have fun on stage, on camera, in class or at an audition, why are you an actor? And it costs almost nothing com...

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