art lynch


Do not lose the remarkable, passionate, articulate and very hard working representative for Nevada that you have.

Art Lynch contributes for Nevada and the membership in ways that really make a difference.

Art Lynch is endorsed by SAG-AFTRA Board leadership, including Hollywood, NYC and the Committee of Locals leadership. His voice is listened to and his ability to sway opinons needed for all locals coast to coast.

"Fighting tirelessly for union workers in this right-to-work state, Art Lynch walks his talk in the boardroom and on the front lines. " -- Mary McDonald-Lewis, SAG National Board Member, Portland

You go Art! Don't let anyone push you around because you have so much experience & knowledge in this area! Keep fighting for Nevada to be the next Hollywood. - Miranda Connell, actor

You certainly are passionate and care a great deal about the membership. -Sheila Traister, member

Art Lynch is simply one of the most enduring professionals I've ever had the pleasure to work with in this industry, and I have worked with a lot of people. Both Intelligent and resourceful, Art Lynch’s representation for SAG offers the foresight and astute decision making our state needs. -Michael Toole, actor

The yearsI served on the SAG National Board with you, you were so thoroughly immersed in and well-informed about the Board's business from the start. Art, you rocked then, and from all reports, have continued to do so. Three cheers for you. - Grace MacFarlane, actor

In this time of great change in our Industry and in our Union, Art Lynch has the experience, skill and determination to lead the Nevada Local into the future! - Abby Dylan, SAG Board and SAGIndie.

Art has a passion about actors and all talent. Art stands up for his membership and works hard toward a strong future for us all. It was a pleasure to work with Art when I was the president of the Guild."
-Melissa Gilbert, Past National President of the Screen Actors Guild

Mr. Lynch has unselfishly devoted himself to the business of SAG always keeping the members informed in a thorough manner...the expertise and experience of his know-how which we need in a time of transition for the best for the Nevada Branch of SAG-AGTRA. - Heart Lanier Shapre’, Council Member, Nevada Branch

Art Lynch's years of service have allowed him to gain the respect of members across the country. He has the ability to understand the greater good, while making sure that even the least of us have our voices heard. Art is a passionate, articulate leader who has worked tirelessly on behalf of Nevada members. He has been fearless during difficult political times and always stands up for what he believes is in the best interest of the members. -Suzanne Burkhead, Dallas-Fort Worth

Art Lynch has the knowledge and the experience to fight Right-to-Work, FiCore and other vital issues. He is always helpful in the National Board room to educate and bring to light what is needed for the Branches. With Art’s experience, we need him to help implement SAG’s Branch organizing plans. - Ann Sward, Utah Ntl. Bd.

As an acting student in Art Lynch's "Acting On Film" classes.. I have a deep respect and gratitude for Art's knowledge of the acting profession that he conveys tirelessly and professionally to all of his acting students. Art is a teacher, mentor, information resource and friend. I have learned more in the acting classes taught by Mr. Lynch that I have learned in all of the acting classes that I have taken in New York City combined. I fully support and endorse Mr. Art Lynch's candidacy for returning to the National Board. 

~ Sincerely, Michael Puleo - actor, US Air Force veteran, NYC actor

Nevada members have a strong voice and a ferocious advocate in Art Lynch. I cannot imagine anyone more knowledgeable about the issues, more dedicated or more vigilant in representing the interest of Nevada members. -Debra Nelson, National Board Director from Georgia.

"Feel free to add my name to the list. You are representing your members admirably!
We're pulling for you!" 

 -Bill Mootes - Boston

"Yes, we are!" - Cece Dubois, Nashville

"And add mine Art!" -Rick Deskin - Seattle

For over 15 years I've known Art Lynch as a tireless and fearless advocate for Nevada, and for actors everywhere. - SAG National Executive Secretary Amy Aquino.

Art Lynch knows what’s important to members. He knows firsthand the challenges we face and gets things done, no matter how tough. I’ve always counted on Art's leadership.”
-SAG-AFTRA co-president Ken Howard.

NYC Board Member Marc Baron "I, too, endorse Art Lynch. I've seen him in the boardroom and know he fights for the membership!"

My professional as well as personal support to finish your work...Please, I ask your support for Art and please forward this endorsement to all members of SAG asking for their support.
Charlie Di Pinto, Nevada SAG Council Member, Organizing Chair

Art has your best interest at heart, and is the only real choice to bring you through these changing times in our Industry. - Cece Dubois, Nashville National Board Director and the first ever RBD National Vice President.

Art is a man full of passion when it comes to looking out for Branch members. Some would cower from those who “sit across the aisle”, but I have never seen him back down from a good, healthy exchange of opinions.Art represents you all with integrity and courage. -Dave Corey, National Board from Florida

A true professional at his craft, and in representation of Nevada. He is worth six figures just for what he brings to the table for our state.

"Art is extremely intelligent and passionate in the work he champions and the individuals he mentors and represents." - Hrair Messerlian, California Statewide Field Coordinator, SEIU, former Nevada SAG Executive Director.

I have found Art Lynch to be a thoughtful, concerned hard worker for his constituents. Maintaining consistent leadership at this time is imperative. -Mike Hodge, NYC President, National 2nd Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild

Art Lynch is a true dyed-in-the-wool Unionist. He always keeps the interests of Nevada members at the top of his agenda. -JCB, John Carter Brown, National Board, Chicago

I, for one, can say that Art serves his membership well and with integrity. Please re-elect Art to the SAG Board.

-Marc Baron, New York National Board

Art is a very smart, driven person and is not afraid of challenges. He is an honest individual and is respected by many.

 -Angela Brooks

Art Lynch works hard for Nevada and for SAG. We need his voice on the National Board, and his passion for doing what it right for Nevada members. -Nancy Giles, NYC board

Under Art's leadership the conservatory prospered, and I feel that Art Lynch actually made the conservatory what is today. - Lollo Sievert, Nevada

Art is a hard working member who works with one interest only, the members of his Branch. It is the members who drive Art to be dedicated to improving their lives and working conditions. - Helen E. McNutt, Philadelphia Branch, National Board

My first year on the national board I was very impressed with your national director, Art Lynch.
I noticed right away that other SAG national board members were looking to Art as a leader.
- Scott Rogers, National Board Director from Hawaii.

Art Lynch is a knowledgeable and experienced representative for Nevada on the National Board of Screen Actors Guild. His is also a passionate and articulate voice on members' behalf. At this vitally important time in our union's development, it is crucial to retain experienced voices in the National Board. Return Art Lynch to office.Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

Art is a true unionist and gives his all (hard work, knowledge and expertise) to the Nevada Branch and to the SAG-AFTRA National Board as well. I strongly support his experience for the future of this Branch.

-Steve Dressler, Immediate Past President, Nevada Branch

Art has spent countless days fighting for you and has demonstrated over and over that he can get things done! In the upcoming election, you have an important choice to make. You need leadership that will fight for the working members of Nevada and continue to keep the issues that are most important to Nevada actors at the forefront of discussions within the SAG National Board. To get this done, you need Art Lynch. With great enthusiasm, I endorse and support Art Lynch as Nevada's SAG National Board Member. I urge you to support Art with your vote. - Mike Pniewski, Former SAG National Board Member & SAG Georgia Branch President

Art has the ability to lead and direct, both the novice and the experienced theatrical prospect. His quiet demeanor and sensitivity to others results in individuals reaching greater potential than they could ever imagine. He is professional in every aspect. 

- Jim Austin, actor

Art is extremely insightful and creative, with good leadership skills. I trusted his judgement and he never missed a step. - Kim Russell, Smith Center

Art and I go way back. 1977 to be exact. We met up again here in Las Vegas. Art is the proverbial "Can Do" person. He takes on projects, large and small, and completes them efficiently and creatively. I highly recommend Art for a position of responsibility where you need a job to be completed with high standards of performance.
- John "the old man" Wennstrom, actor

Art is a true unionist and gives his all (hard work, knowledge and expertise) to the Nevada Branch and to the SAG National Board as well. I strongly support his experience for the future of this Branch.-Steve Dressler, Immediate Past President, Nevada Branch

"I've know Art Lynch as a SAG Board colleague and fellow committee member for over 10 years. My experience of Art is his thoughtful, detailed and honest approach to every committee and Board meeting he's attended over his many years of service. His devotion to the best possible contracts, the Nevada membership and the profession of actors is unquestionable. It has been and honor to serve on National Committees and National SAG Plenaries with him. Art Lynch deserves your continued confidence and your vote!" -Kevin Scullin, SAG New York Division Board Member

As a former National Board representative from the Chicago Branch, I know Art to be a tireless representative of the Nevada SAG members. I've seen him in action and you couldn't ask for a better person to work on your behalf. He is a strong advocate for making things better for all members. Keep your voice heard. Support Art Lynch. - Jack Shaw, Milwaukee

I believe Art Lynch is the best choice to represent your interests on the SAG National Board. I represent NY in the Boardroom as a National Board Member and I have served over ten years with Art. He is a tireless advocate for issues that affect his constituents, and I admire his dedication and tenacity. As National Chair of Communications, I can also tell you that Art shares my belief that transparent communication to members is our number one priority. His service to members on the Communications Committee and the Website Subcommittee is proof of that. At this crucial time in our union's history, I urge you to continue to trust Art's proven leadership and give him your vote. -Liz Zazzi, National Board & National Chair of Communications

Art Lynch is and always has been a professional. I have known him personally for over 25 years.In that time he has been a successful marketer, a steadfast supporter of the arts, particularly theater and motion picture arts. It has been said of great men that when you speak to them you leave feeling that you were the only two people in the room. Art shares those talents. Friends and associates great and small can count on his loyalty, and his willingness to work hard on those things that he has committed himself to. 

- Michael Chamberlain, actor

Constantly keeping the membership informed, in mind and in his soul, Art has championed expansion of the Nevada Zone, a strong Nevada Executive on the ground in Nevada, the integrity and independence of the branch, and work for Nevada SAG members. - Andy Greer, actor

Art is very dedicated he follows through with excellence He will fight to the end for what he believes is right. He will listen to both sides and stand firm on his decision. 

- Kim Renee, Nevada 

His expertise and understanding of current issues is very much needed for the future of our branch.

Art Lynch has given his heart and soul to the Nevada Branch. His passion and belief should not be put out to pasture. He is needed now more than ever.

 - Ann Tooney, actor

I strongly support the reelection of ART LYNCH to the national board of directors. He is on top of all national issues and always represents the Nevada general membership with every vote on every issue.-Roy Costley,
New Mexico National Director

Really hope we keep you in the room.

 - Suzanne Burkhead

“Art Lynch is the kind of leader all SAG members should be proud to have in the boardroom, and it’s a privilege to serve alongside him. He asks the tough questions, and doesn’t act until he gets the answers. Nevada SAG members who want a smart, dedicated, and proven leader looking out for their interests should give Art their full support.”
-Ned Vaughn SAG 1st Vice President, Hollywood Chair

“Art has been a very dear friend for as long as I can remember. A man of high esteem,and integrity. The best in acting, business and communication."
-Don Brakeman, actor

Watching Art in action as the Nevada SAG National Board Member, fighting to keep the issues that are important to the Nevada actors active, I can vouch for his sincerity in achieving what is in the best interest for our members and our branch. His expertise and understanding of current issues is very much needed for the future of our branch.- Lollo Sievert, former Nevada SAG VP and long time council member.

I can say unequivocally that Art has worked tirelessly to represent the Nevada membership. He let no one forget the often-different needs of his branch. As the Guild begins once more the attempt to find an equitable resolution to the problems stemming from our multiple-union representation, the continuity of service and the familiarity with Guild history that Art has will be invaluable, not only to Nevada members, but to Guild members nationwide. 

 -Will Lyman, working actor.

Being very Irish, I find myself referring to the recent past of Screen Actors Guild as “The Troubles” - A time of unprecedented turmoil punctuated by screaming matches, intimidation, lawsuits, and, yes, even threats of physical violence. (And that was just the social hour!).

Make no mistake, the SAG National Boardroom was no place for the faint of heart. Some threw up their hands in exasperation and simply walked away from elected service. Others - particularly those from the Regional Branch Division - recognized that SAG’s continued existence as a truly national union was at stake.

One such individual is Art Lynch, who fought those battles on behalf of the members of SAG Nevada. While we are now enjoying a well-deserved peace in our Boardroom, the work is far from done and there are surely more battles ahead.

Art has proved himself an effective advocate for Nevada time and again. He very much deserves your continued support. -Todd Hissong SAG Chicago National Board Director Vice Chair Regional Branch Division Screen Actors Guild

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