Work with US

Have fun! Make your life easier! Undstand youself and others.

Like my friend Charlie DiPinto (a professional Curley on stage and in film. and an alcohol and drug abuse counselor) believes, as we do, that life coaching is serious work, and needed to grow as a person. 

But no where does it say it has to be boring, dry or academic.

Learning about and exploring life and life changes can be exciting, challenging (in a positive way) and!

We use theater, professional counseling skills, games, and a very "personal to you" touch to help you meet your goals.

Laura is a liscensed clinical social worker, with experience in marketing, journalism, and employment counseling. 

We, and our trusted friends and associates are here for you. 

And you get the owners when you call and can stay with Laura and Art Lynch if you choose. We will listen to you, and what you need to help you to move forward.